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We are Titan Gamez, a young, rapidly growing game development studio with offices in Cracow, Torun and Warsaw.

Gaming is our passion, which we want to share with others! With this idea in mind, we want to create diverse titles that reach gamers around the world and provide them with the highest level of entertainment.


We currently have several productions in progress with dozens of people working on them. Our main projects are: Viking City Builder for PC on Steam and Uboat: The Silent Wolf: on VR for Meta Quest 2.

UBOAT: The Silent Wolf

UBOAT: The Silent Wolf

Viking City Builder

Viking City Builder

City builder


UBOAT: The Silent Wolf – Statement

Dear Community,  We have a very important message for you.  Unfortunately, the premiere will not take place on the scheduled date. During the final stage of the development, we have encountered a major issue regarding multiplayer mode.

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our teams

Titan Gamez is a young development studio from Poland, with headquarters in Cracow, Warsaw and Torun, employing nearly 40 people. In addition to Viking City Builder, Titan Gamez is also working on Uboat: The Silent Wolf game, which will soon debut on the Meta Quest 2 platform.
Team PC

A development team based in Cracow, the former capital of Poland. Young and experienced people, whose creativity and commitment guarantee the success of the production they are currently working on. The Viking City Builder game is a realistic city builder, with combat in the form of Real-Time Strategy and set in the world of the Vikings. The title will soon be released as a PC version on Steam.

Team Marketing

Our marketers are experienced specialists in the market. They create the best content that is shown on the web and which attracts traffic. The team is also responsible for communicating with the creators and the community using all available social media, such as Facebook, Twitter or Discord.

Team VR

VR team are studios from Torun and Warsaw. They are passionate, open-minded and always up for a challenge. One such challenge is the creation of the game UBOAT, a World War II submarine simulator that is being developed for VR! With this fascinating technology, you will experience a virtual adventure in a survival sandbox and interact with the environment. The game will soon be available for Meta Quest 2 users.

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