Conquer the seas and oceanas in UBOAT: The Silent Wolf by Titan GameZ!

Dear Community!

We’re excited to present you our newest project that will take you to a whole new dimension of virtual reality. UBOAT: The Silent Wolf is an amazing combination of a storytelling game and a realistic submarine simulator set during World War II. Soon, you’ll be able to experience it on the Meta Quest!

But that’s just the beginning – we invite you now to watch our latest trailer, which will ignite your imagination and serve up an adrenaline rush, showcasing the incredible underwater adventures that await you in the game!

UBOAT: The Silent Wolf will take you on a journey through time, transporting you to the underwater front of World War II. You’ll explore the fascinating world of the greatest armed conflict in human history and face the challenges that await you on the seas and oceans. Will you be a brave lone warrior in an engaging single-player story campaign? Or will you join forces with friends to fight together in cooperative mode? Regardless of your choice, the danger will lurk at every step! Traverse treacherous waters in free roam mode, where enemy ships await and enemy planes keep a watchful eye to detect your presence. Fear should not hold you back! Are you ready to board and face the challenges of the maritime world?

Our game will soon be available on the Meta Quest Store, opening up new horizons in virtual reality for you. But that’s not all! Shortly after its release on Meta Quest, UBOAT: The Silent Wolf will also appear on Steam, allowing even more enthusiasts to dive into the world of underwater challenges!

Our team is constantly working to meet your highest expectations and deliver exceptional experiences. Stay tuned and follow our progress, as we’ll soon meet aboard the submarine! That’s where your extraordinary adventures will truly begin!

See you in the depths!